Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ontario Second Career Program?

Ontario Second Career Program assists eligible participants to obtain skills for a new career in high-demand occupations in Ontario. The program is sponsored by the Government of Ontario and provides financial assistance up to $28,000 to cover the tuition fee, cost of books, living allowance and other expenses.

What programs are offered by EPIC College?

The EPIC College is offering an array of job ready diploma programs, post-graduate diploma and certificate programs in engineering, business, manufacturing, IT and other technologies.

All programs are practical and focused on development of knowledge and skills required by employers for specific vocations. Therefore, graduates from theses program are fully prepared for their duties in the company.

I do not think I am eligible for admission. Do you have make up courses so I can become eligible?Please discuss this option with our admission officer.

Individual training plans could be established for those who do not qualify.