Staying in Canada

You are now about to embark on one of the most unforgettable and unique experiences of your life. We realize that moving this far across the Atlantic is a big decision, and we would like to make it worthwhile. Canada has a lot to offer you as a newcomer, in education, careers, cultural attractions, scenic beauty and much more

You will be studying and living in one of the top 10 countries in the world – ranked for safety, cleanliness, and natural beauties. Toronto, is the Canadian corporate capital and largest city (North America’s 5th largest one) that accommodates about 4 million people including over 80 cultures and languages Worldwide

Living in Canada, you will have access to some of the best attractions, including an impressive theatre scenes, International Film Festivals, cultural and music events. A whole range of vibrant cultural neighborhoods and multicultural cuisines are all easily accessible by public transit. Should you want to explore some of Ontario’s natural beauties, you can always take a drive through the breathtaking countryside by bus or train. Try out some outdoor adventures; visit Toronto Zoo, Toronto Science Centre, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, CN Tower, Niagara Falls and lakeshore, etc.

Canadian Industries

Canada is one of the International leaders in Computer and Information Technologies and has a reputation for excellence in a number of sectors including telecommunications, transportation, and engineering, hydro power, nuclear power, aerospace, petroleum, mining and so on.

The Canadian IT Sector

The key IT and Telecommunication companies in Toronto include Amdahl, AT&T Canada, Bell Canada, Celestica Inc., ClearNet Communications, C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, Cyberplex, Interactive Media, ExtendMedia, IBM Canada, ICE Integrated Communications & Entertainment, Rogers Communications, Xerox, etc.

Entering Canada for study is a milestone and big achievement in student’s life. Epic College of Technology welcomes International students studying in Canada!