Second Career Applicants

Second Career Applicants

You could qualify for up to $28,000 for tuition, books, transportation, and living allowances under the Ontario government’s Second Career program.Ontario has expanded access to the Second Career program. The new criteria, as mentioned below, allow more laid-off workers to participate in the program to take advantage of the training opportunities available.

What makes me eligible for the Second Career Grant?

You may be eligible for a Second Career grant if:

  • You are currently on Employment Insurance (EI),  or have been on EI for some time since January 1, 2005 as shown on your Record of Employment (ROE).
    • If you have been on EI and working an interim job.
    • You will not be eligible for a Second Career grant if your employer indicates “dismissal” as the reason for termination.
  • If you are working part-time (less than 20 hrs per week)
  • If you are on E.I. and are looking for a change in field of study for a new career
  • If you were on E.I. in the last three years and your benefits have expired
  • If you were on maternity leave and for some satisfactory reason you were not able to return to your job
How Do I Apply:

1. Set up an interview with a career counsellor at one of Ontario’s Employment Assessment Centres. You can find your local Employment Ontario Assessment Centre here.
2. If you are eligible, it would be a good idea to attend the information session.
3. Make sure to document all necessary financial and personal information on your application.
5. Do your research about the field you wish to start your career in. Identify your field, and look into the labour market demand for your chosen field, as well as where training for your chosen subject is offered.
6. If there are prerequisites to admissions to these colleges, make sure you can meet these requirements in time.
7. Present the results of your research in the application kit and submit the completed package to your counsellor.
8. Wait for the decision from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities which is largely based on the recommendation of your Career Counsellor.

Call us or book a free Career Counselling session at 905-203-2500 to determine the program that’s right for you. One of our education consultants will be happy to assist you.