How to fund your studies in Canada?

Canada is one of the top choices for international students looking for higher education. Every year, it attracts millions of students from across the world with India being on the top. According to the reports, the number of Indian students studying in Canada grew by 40% in 2018. If you are also planning to study in Canada, but are short on funds, here are some amazing ways you can opt for.

Loan for study abroad without collateral

There are many loan options available for the students applying for international studies in Canada. Banks like ICICI are offering various unsecured study loans for Canada that are available for Post graduate courses. It is very important to check the Eligibility requirements before applying.

Loan for study abroad with collateral

Another smart way to get funds for your international study in Canada is to go with a loan with collateral, which is available at a lower rate of interest. You can use collateral, such as property or equity or whatever is applicable with the bank. This gives you better and higher chances to get education loan.

Scholarships provided in Canada

If you are an academically brilliant student and have grabbed good marks, you have better chances to grab a scholarship provided by the different provinces of Canada. You can apply for different types of scholarships to fund your education and stay in Canada.

So, try these options when you are short on funds yet want to fulfill your dream of study in Canada.

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