Things You Should Know Before Studying in Canada

Moving to Canada may be a dream to many, but it can also introduce some changes and challenges that you may be unaware about. This is why it makes sense to be ready before coming to Canada to study. In this blog, we’ll discuss about the things that you should learn about student life in Canada before planning to visit here for study.

Canada Has Two Official Languages – Many people may not know, but Canada is one of those few countries that have two official languages. English and French are both the official languages in Canada. While you’d find many French speakers living in the province of Quebec don’t be surprised if you hear the language throughout the country.

Scholarships Available for International Students – When you have short on funds, but still want to pursue your education in Canada, you can grab a scholarship based on your academic performance. The goal of these scholarships is to bring the bright minds to Canada and offer them better educational facilities.

Working While Studying – The international students are allowed to work on or off campus while doing so as long as they have a valid study permit. This allows them to support their stay in Canada while working for Part-time work and full-time. However, some courses ensure that students don’t work for more than 10 hours per week during term time.

So, if you are planning to visit Canada for study, keep the above-mentioned things in mind to enjoy a stress-free and comfortable experience in the country.

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